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The most effective, reliable and fastest ways to obtain a job overseas

Don't waste your time sending your CV to companies who don't even look at it, because you don't have the right to work. Target the right companies from the start! This will save you months of research on the net before you even start sending out your CV.

  • Powerful and cost effective solutions that enables international skill workers to quickly and easily target and apply to companies who sponsor and apply for visas
  • We provide everything you need to know about immigrant hiring, best-practice visa sponsorship processes and regulations, the requirements and the visa applications
  • Real-time links to each companies ‘Current & Available Job Openings’
  • We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date databases and records of every US employer that has sponsored and filed H1B and H2B Visa applications with the USCIS
  • We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date databases and records of every Canadian employer that has sponsored and filed LMO and LMIA Visa applications
  • Plus the most comprehensive and up-to-date searchable databases and records of every UK employer that has sponsored and filed Work Permit Tier 2
  • Employers database access regular price $84 USD "Special limited discount" Only today: $34 USD
  • PayPal 30 days money back guaranteed.

While travelling using is not working abroad – it’s an opportunity for you to learn from other cultures as well as discovering yourself – it helps you find a new kind of ‘rich’. Rich in happiness, experience, laughter and lessons.

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  1. helps you find worldwide  interesting job opportunities and  takes you to the hand all the way to your dream job overseas.
  2. Jobseekers are advised to exercise due diligence in accepting job offers. They are also advised to verify any information provided by recruitment agencies to ensure its accuracy.
  3. Jobseekers agree that any personal information released to recruitment agencies through is given voluntarily with full understanding that it may be accessible to any recruitmentagency subscribed to They also agree to be responsible for the accuracy of any personal information they make available to or through the site and agree further shall not be held liable in any manner in connection with the personal information they have made available through the site.
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  6. A jobseeker's résumé or personal information will only be available to registered recruitment agencies. Should any of the said agencies choose to have a copy of the résumé, will not be responsible or held liable in any way if the recruiter uses the jobseeker's personal data for any purpose other than consideration for employment.
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  2.  is not in any manner engaged in the recruitment, placement or referral of domestic or overseas contract workers. merely accepts advertisements from licensed recruitment agencies, which are solely responsible for the recruitment and placement of workers.
  3.  advertises job openings from companies and recruitment agencies as declared or required by the latter. does not guaranty and will not take any responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of such job advertisements.
  4. The AGENCY OR EMPLOYER is responsible for ensuring that their job openings submitted for inclusion on comply with all relevant laws and regulations. will not take any responsibility for any error, omission or inaccuracy in the information thus provided.
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  1.  can only be used by licensed agencies and cooperative partners in good standing.
  2. In order to become cooperative partner, recruitment agencies must submit the following:
  • Latest copy of license
  • Clearance from Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch.
  • Additionally, you may be required to submit the following: Appointment letter recognized and approved by law, Authorization letter from the agency's President or General Manager
  • Recruitment agencies agree to ensure that their job openings, manpower pooling, and recruitment methods comply with all applicable international laws. They also agree to use whatever information they obtain from or through the site, including but not limited to applicant's résumé, in a confidential, lawful manner for employment purposes only.
  • Recruitment agencies shall have access to  services upon approval of their application. They shall be entitled to advertise job vacancies in the site for a pre-determined period of time and shall have access to the site's résumé databank.
  • Suspension of the agency’s license will result in the suspension of agencies’ account with reserves the right to suspend accounts without prior notice.
  1. only allows posting of job advertisements that would ultimately give valid working visas to applicants. Advertisements that offer other types of visas such as student visas, tourist visas, etc. are prohibited.
  2. Recruitment Agencies are prohibited from posting advertisements for their partner companies that are not licensed to recruit and deploy workers overseas such as consultancy services, travel agencies, etc.
  3. Recruitment Agencies agree not to use for any of the following purposes:
  • Illegal recruitment; info post incomplete, false and information not their own.
  • Communicate with applicants for purposes other than employment.
  • Obtain in any way personal information about other users for purposes other than employment.
  • revise or delete another user's information.
  • violate or attempt to violate the security and privacy of and its users by: accessing or attempting to access data that is not their own or not intended for them.
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  • Advertise or promote other products/services such as: posting content or link that aims to drive traffic and promote similar or competing websites and posting content or link that are not in any way related to employment/recruitment.
  • Violation of terms and condition will result in immediate suspension of recruitment agency’s account access without refund to any pre-payment.
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Indemnity By accessing and using  you agree to hold harmless, from and against any claims, actions, or demands, alleging or resulting from your use of the material. Privacy Policy  We at  value the information that our clients and users share and disclose in our website. We exercise responsible use of all information given to us, and our commitment to guaranteed confidentiality and privacy are clearly stated in our Privacy Policy. Intellectual Property 
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